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OpenId Authentication with AspNet Identity Core

This is a very simple trick to make AspNet Identity work with OpenId Authentication. More of all both approach is completely separate to each other, there is no any connecting point. I am using  Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.OpenIdConnect  package to configure but it should work with any other. Configuring under Startup.cs with IAppBuilder app.UseCookieAuthentication(new CookieAuthenticationOptions { AuthenticationScheme = CookieAuthenticationDefaults.AuthenticationScheme, LoginPath = new PathString("/Account/Login"), CookieName = "MyProjectName", }) .UseIdentity() .UseOpenIdConnectAuthentication(new OpenIdConnectOptions { ClientId = "<AzureAdClientId>", Authority = String.Format("{0}", "<AzureAdTenant>"), ResponseType = OpenIdConnectResponseType.IdToken, PostLogoutRedirectUri = "<my website url>",