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Kendo MVC Grid DataSourceRequest with AutoMapper - Advance

The actual process to make DataSourceRequest compatible with AutoMapper was explained in my previous post  Kendo MVC Grid DataSourceRequest with AutoMapper , where we had created custom model binder attribute and in that property names were changed as data models. In this post we will be looking into using AutoMapper's Queryable extension to retrieve the results based on selected columns. When  Mapper.Map<RoleViewModel>(data)  is called it retrieves all column values from table. The Queryable extension provides a way to retrieve only selected columns from table. In this particular case based on properties of  RoleViewModel . The previous approach that we implemented is perfect as far as this article ( 3 Tips for Using Telerik Data Access and AutoMapper ) is concern about performance where it states: While this functionality allows you avoid writing explicit projection in to your LINQ query it has the same fatal flaw as doing so - it prevents the query result from