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Client side Validation for data driven view engine

The prerequisite for this is to have a designed database driven view engine. This can be a good guidance to implement DB driven view engine Data Driven Custom View Engine in ASP.NET MVC ( . If we talk about the concept then we can say for DB driven view engine a dynamic form/screen table would require along with the associate attribute set for controls. The controls, Attribute set can have constraints like Required, MaxLength, RegEx etc. similar to available DataAnnotation implementation, just that it has to come through DB. The jQuery unobtrusive validation is all about adding certain HTML 5 data attributes. So, if we can find rules of the controls (required, max length etc) and set it to HTML attribute from view engine then we are done. While designing DB driven view engine, there should be a place where we need to loop through available controls to identify it's type and write as HTML/elem