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Displaying progress status in asynchronous programming

UX is most important in any application and responsive application is an add-on to make UI free by running long running task in background. Sometimes we need to show more useful information about long running task to keep user informed about progress. In this article, we will be looking into showing up progress status for long running process with Task Parallel Library (TPL). In this particular example, we will be creating a Console application to re-size any amount of jpg files under directory with new image dimension but our main focus would be on showing progress status. Prior to .Net 4.5 Framework version, there was no inbuilt mechanism to show status of task. If it was needed, then we need to create event handler on class that is processing the long running task with custom defined event argument for progress status class and then subscription need to be done on consuming class for getting progress information. This was better and tidy approach for getting progress status