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TypeScript introduction

In newer web application development we are more and more diving into client side scripts. Slowly AJAX calls are completely or at least mostly replacing regular post backs for rich user experience. Somewhere we are dealing HTMLs returns or just interacting with model but with time we are ending up writing lot of JavaScript on pages or dedicated JavaScript files. After starting project, in short of span of time we are ending up with lot of scripts. Writing those script itself is problematic process as we do not get any type safety and on execution only we can know we have missed typed or added some variable in place of some other type. Mostly through comments only we are understanding the code association with pages unless we put JavaScript in respective pages or with naming JS according to respective page names. I know we can use some OOPS concept or JS framework like Backbone, Knockout etc. to manage things through MVC or MVVM approach. Those are really good way to handle JavaScr