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Auto fluent mapping generation for OpenAccess/Telerik DataAccess through T4

There is two way to map code first with DB related entities. The first is data annotation which is like setting attributes and the other one is fluent mapping. Fluent mapping is very powerful and flexible approach to map entities. The only downside of fluent mapping is incompatibility with client side validation where as MVC has inbuilt functionality to validate on client side with data annotation. We will look into basic fluent mapping generation along with data annotation if present. Default data annotation is not compatible with Telerik DataAccess/OpenAccess. This article does not gives information about how fluent mapping works or how to generate it but auto generation of fluent mapping by any give model. Pre-requisites for fluent generation I have took help of two different libraries to generate fluent mapping for OpenAccess. -  MultiOutput.ttinclude  ( ) : This is to generate