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Implementing/Automating audit logs in Telerik Data Access

Audit logs can be tedious task if done manually, also developer might miss to update audit log implementation on certain level. The codes would be repeated on all places if not centralized. There are many approach available to maintain change history of model/table. Like having single history table and manage all changes of all models in same table. We may maintain in same table with some flags and JSON data for change list. We will look for maintaining history table based on each required data models with minimum effort and performance. To reduce code, I am going to use T4 to generate history models automatically based on original model. Also we are going to take care of Artificial type values. Step 1 - Create a custom attribute to mark model that history need to be maintained. /// <summary> /// Attribute to maintain history table /// </summary> [AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Class)] public class ManageHistoryAttribute : Attribute